Miner Solidarity, Billy Elliot, Law Firm Associates and Law Students

This morning as I reflected on the rescue of the miners in Chile, I thought about the miners in the musical, Billy Elliot, so I played the CD. Below are some excerpts. As I was drafting this message, I thought about two issues that have puzzled me for years, Why do associates not organize and stand together to oppose inappropriate and unprofessional actions of the partners and others at their law firm which can have a serious negative effect on their careers; for example, not providing them with meaningful substantive work, training and feedback? Why do law students not stand together to oppose actions by law school faculty and staff which will likely divert them from satisfying careers; for example, not training them for the practice of law and not reducing the high cost to attend law school? Your thoughts and comments of this would be appreciated.

“And the stars look down at their reflection
And the stars look down and there’s a light
When the stars look down they’ll see the justice
And the right And the stars look down and see the struggle
And the stars look down and know the pain And the stars will lead us back to where light shines again
Where we’ll stand as one beneath the sun
One beneath the sun When we stand as one
All out together When we stand as one all out as one
When we stand as one all out for victory
When we stand as one till we’ve won When we stand as one all out together.”

“So we walk proudly And we walk strong
All together
We will go as one
The ground is empty
And cold as hell
But we all go together when we go.”