Law School Industry Czar – Platform

Recently I posted My Request to Be Appointed Law School Industry Czar on another blog but have now transferred it here and suggest you read it. As of today I have two supporters in my campaign.  I sense the beginning of a grassroots movement in favor of my selection. 

If you have read the request, you know I am convinced that law schools have failed their students, their lawyer/graduates and the public over the last decades by not teaching their students the skills and values they need to practice law, not informing them about their wide range of options, and not providing career guidance instead simply offering on-campus interviews. These failings, when combined with tuition much too high for the services provided, results in thousands of law students being “funneled” to BIGLAW  where they do not want to be, and thousands of others floundering with no vision of what to do with their degree.

What follows is predictable – an extraordinarily high percentage of lawyers expressing their dissatisfaction with their jobs and careers while millions of members of the public with serious legal issues have no recourse to lawyers and the legal system.

This country is facing so many critical issues in the areas of housing, healthcare, employment, the environment, education, the economy, and foreign “entanglements”. The public desperately needs the legal help that lawyers can, and want to, provide.

Not unlike the basis for the presentations and speeches being made by President-Elect Obama, I am taking steps to insure that when appointed, I will be able to, as he says, “hit the ground running”and the legal community will be prepared to join me in implementing reforms of law school education. .

So, as a self-proclaimed leading candidate for Law School Industry Czar, I will soon issue Ukase I which I will promulgate the day I am appointed. As you may be aware, the Czars had absolute authority which enabled them to issue arbitrary rulings called ukases.Also while it may be incompatible with Russian culture to use Roman numerals, I believe that the use of such symbols will give them the status of the Super Bowl.